In desktop view our standard template has the following menus:

  1. The main menu appears as a horizontal bar somewhere in the top, eg below the header area.

  2. The secondary menu appears as a separate menu, eg in the right part of the header area.

  3. Both the main menu and the secondary menu can have sub menus. These are shown as drop down menus when pointing on an option of the main or secondary menu.

  4. Alternatively the sub menus can also be shown as vertical menus in one of the sidebar areas.

  5. It is also possible to show sub menus BOTH as drop down AND as vertical menus.

  6. Last but not least it is possible to set the maximum number of menu levels to be shown in the drop down and vertical sub menus.

On small devices (eg on smartphone) alle menus and all levels are combined in a common of canvas menu.